This page contains some of my favorite links. It is divided into three parts:

Genealogy Links

These links are some of my favorite genealogy links and should provide you with a few places to start looking for family history information. 

  • Surname Web page. Find information on tons of different surnames. There are links to other people doing research on that name, genealogies and information on surname meanings.
  • The Family Search Internet Genealogical Service is a wonderful resource with many searchable databases online as well as access to the Salt Lake City Family History Library Catalogue.
  • The Higginson Book Company has many family histories and genealogy books for sale.
  • History at Home is a beginner's guide to genealogy with tips and links.
  • has a listing of where to find vital records for cities, counties and states of the U.S.
  • is another good starting place. They have searchable databases with information. These databases do cost money, but they are often worth it.
  • Ancestry DNA has an informational page that teaches about DNA and how it can be used in family history research.
  • Genealogy and the Law has a lot of information and definitions for various legal terms you might find while researching your family history.
  • is a great resource if you are doing any research in Quebec, Canada.
  • Cyndi's List is a hige website with tons of links to helpful genealogical information. However, because of the size of this site it can be a little overwhelming at times so be prepared.
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Related Family Organizations

While researching my family history I came across many other people researching the same people. I also came across several family organizations that were composed of the descendants of some of my ancestors. This list includes some of those family organizations.

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Interesting Links

Here are some other links that I think are interesting that are not related to family history:

  • The CIA World Factbook has tons of information on all of the countries in the world. It is very informative.
  • Ethnologue is a database with information on most of the languages of the world. Its a great resource.
  • The University of Arizona website. Go Wildcats!
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